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John MackenzieReynard was founded in 2016 by John Mackenzie (that’s me, so I’m going to stop writing in the third person), a marketing professional with more than 25 years experience in business, with the last 18 in digital marketing. Hard to believe with those boyish good looks you say? Shucks, but thank goodness for Photoshop.

In that time I’ve worked client-side, agency-side, in market research, design, publishing and all points in between, as well as having set up and sold a previous digital marketing consultancy way back in the mists of time.


Perhaps, or maybe we’re connected virtually through friends of friends. You can find out more if you have a snoop around my LinkedIn profile – we’re bound to have some mutual acquaintances somewhere.

And that’s how I like it.

It’s difficult to know which companies and people to trust, so getting a recommendation from a friend or colleague is always a good start.


I try not to be defined by work, but that’s a tough call seeing as digital is a pervasive part of all our lives.

Outside of work (whenever that is), I’m a dad to four boys and married to the lovely Charlie. We live in Chappel (yes, really near the Beer Festival / viaduct / The Swan pub that used to have a really good reputation for fish / The Railway Museum or any of the several other things you probably know about Chappel).

“Yes, it is nice out here.” is my response to the second thing people say when they know where we are. Although I live in hope that Google or whoever will put a blimp over the village to deliver decent broadband speeds in the near future.

Chappel? Yes, it is nice out here.

Any spare time I do have when not (a) standing on sodden touchlines supporting the kids’ football matches, (b) taxiing the boys to these matches (c) being given gardening/housework chores by Charlie, is taken up by Round Table and The Griffin Chapman Colchester Half Marathon.


I’ve been an enthusiastic member of Colchester Colne Round Table for years and am continuing my Table career by being a founder member of Colchester 41 Club (ex-tablers). Table is brilliant and I highly recommend it to anyone (male/female, young or old).

We’re a bunch of mates who have a laugh, get to experience great events, support our communities and raise lots of money for local charities.

Anyway, this page is supposed to be about Reynard and me, so you can read all about it on the Round Table Great Britain and Ireland website #DoMore.


The other thing is The Griffin Chapman Colchester Half Marathon (to give it its full, if not rather cumbersome, but sponsor-friendly name). I was a founder of this race in my year as Chairman of Colchester Colne Round Table and I continue as an organising committee member, Trustee of the Charity, social media manager, Assistant Race Director and general dogsbody.

The Half takes up an awful lot of our time throughout the year, but it’s worth it. Each year we have c.4k runners, hundreds of marshals and thousands of supporters. We give more than £65k from every event to local charities (not to mention the hundreds of thousands of pounds that the runners raise).


When VR came knocking, I saw the opportunity. Don’t get me wrong. 11 years of working in digital marketing for one of the world’s top financial services companies gave me the skills, experience and network of talent and contacts that’s put me where I am today.

I saw it as the chance to do something different. The chance to take everything I’ve learned and apply it to local businesses through my own consultancy. No, the budgets aren’t always the same, but the practices and principles remain consistent.

In fact, I’d argue that a well constructed and executed digital marketing strategy has a greater impact on a smaller, local business than the incremental benefits felt by a multi-national.

Anyway, Reynard is my way to help local organisations with their digital marketing, from strategy through to implementation, as well as run a couple of ‘special projects’ (more on those soon). You can read about our digital marketing services.

More importantly, I can create and work within a culture that inspires me.

The culture of ‘craft over brute strength’ where I work with other like-minded professionals (who are a bit, erm, different) to do brilliant things brilliantly, as opposed to just throwing pots of cash at activities and hoping that something sticks is really refreshing. Find out more about our culture.

And most importantly – I love digital.


This is the almost mandatory section where digital marketing agencies put lovely animations to demonstrate their proficiency in various skills.

None of them should be 100% as things are always changing and we're always learning something new. Except drinking tea.

Look! Here they are ...


Digital Marketing Strategy


Social Media Marketing


Website Design, Development & Maintenance


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Creative & Content Production


PPC Management & Paid Digital Media


Traditional Marketing


Drinking Tea


Skilled, experienced, qualified

Skilled, Experienced, Qualified

Great Rates. Flexible, Affordable, Fixed fee or Retainer

Great Rates. Flexible, Affordable, Fixed fee or Retainer

Large Network of Professional Contacts

Large Network of Professional Contacts

Friendly and Approachable Way of Working

Friendly & Approachable Way of Working


Reynard have been instrumental in reinvigorating our digital activity. Our SEO, content and social media strategies are now on a different level."
Daniel Aldworth - Partner, Griffin Chapman
John has been superb at managing our social media presence - driving awareness of the event, increasing registrations and adding real value to the conversations we have across our social platforms."
Luke Wastell - Race Director, Griffin Chapman Colchester Half Marathon

John gave invaluable consultancy at the outset of our online activity - really actionable advice that is delivering tangible results. In addition he has been instrumental in helping me to expand my business network in the local area."
Kerry Ramsay - Founder, Get it Done Colchester

John delivered from day one. Our social presence and awareness levels are at an all time high, which is imperative for attracting new members and informing & entertaining our existing members."
John Cass - Chairman, Colchester Colne Round Table
As a new business startup, I needed a partner to guide me through the digital marketing and local SEO minefield. Reynard have been there for me every step of the way and we’re thriving as a result."
Madeleine Ward - Founder, Maddie’s Companion Care

Reynard is a Colchester-based marketing agency. We help ambitious firms drive more business through digital marketing channels and optimise what they’ve already got.

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