Perhaps equally as important as what we do is how we do it.

Our culture and the way we work is grounded in our ethos of ‘craft over brute strength’.


Reynard the fox.We took the name of our company from Reynard, the foxy fellow who was the hero of a string of French fables from the Middle Ages. In each tale, he was usually trying to outwit or use his skills to win the day over his bigger, stronger adversaries.

We thought that this perfectly encapsulated our culture of ‘craft over brute strength‘.

Foxes (if you look past the sometimes negative connotations) are ingenious little chaps who rely on their quick wits to survive against larger beasts with more resources.

What better analogy for us then? We’re a digital marketing agency with the wisdom, ingenuity, agile thinking and incisive execution that lets us (and our clients) outmanoeuvre the chasing packs.

To put in very plainly, we believe that we can help organisations with limited budgets achieve their goals through digital marketing against larger, more unwieldy competitors.

Craft over brute strength

You don’t always need big bucks to reach your aims. We’re bold. We build you more cunning digital plans and execute brilliantly. Being smaller means we have better reactions to seize opportunities more quickly.

But, before you say “This talk of foxes sounds a bit dodgy”, let us assure you that we are totally White Hat, kosher, above board, legit, on the level …

This is where the ‘craft’ element of our culture comes in. We only use true digital craftsmen with a wealth of experience and skills who take genuine pride in their work to ensure you see the results you want.

It’s just that, well, our brains wired in a different way to many other digital marketing agencies.

We do it right, just different.

Oh, and we promise not to raid your hen house or ransack your bins.


Brilliant ideas come from teams with diverse backgrounds.

At Reynard you’ll find a network of everyone from former lawyers, financiers and business people, to performers, cyclists, editors, photographers, videographers and writers; all driven to excel at their jobs.

These disparate perspectives bind us together with the aim of doing brilliant things brilliantly for you.


Hopefully, you’ve now got a better feel for our culture and how we work.

Having digested it, you’re now thinking “You’re not the one for me” (to quote KT Tunstall’s Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. Try getting that song out of your head for the rest of the day. Whoo-hoo).

And that’s fine. We thank you for your time and wish you well.

A parting thought though …

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein

Reynard is a Colchester-based marketing agency. We help ambitious firms drive more business through digital marketing channels and optimise what they’ve already got.

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