Strategy is imperative for your digital marketing activity. We can help you define, implement, analyse, measure and flex your marketing strategy across the digital landscape.

Digital marketing can be a powerful and flexible tool in your arsenal, but without a sound strategy in place, your efforts could lack direction leading to wasted effort and a lack of effectiveness.


We create a digital marketing strategy that is smart, but oh-so-simple – just like the swiss army knife.

We start with your customers and what they really want. Indeed, marketing is often defined as discovering your customers’ needs and satisfying them … at a profit.

Marketing: discovering your customers’ needs and satisfying them … at a profit.

With powerful tools, research and analysis methods, we can find out what makes your audience tick. This forms the foundation of your marketing strategy, so you can craft plans and activities focussed on satisfying those customers.


The next step is establishing where you are in your marketing journey and what you want to achieve.

Are you looking to drive awareness of your brand? Awareness isn’t the issue, you just need to grow consideration of using you versus your competitors? Maybe your potential clients consider using you but fall at the last hurdle when it comes to conversion from a lead into a customer.

Perhaps you have customers, but to need ways to improve service and increase retention?

Drawing these threads together, we can work with you to show how digital can bolster and integrate with your existing traditional marketing methods to create a powerful strategy to achieve your goals.


We wish we could write this in six-foot-high letters at every client’s premises.

Your marketing strategy may begin with your clients’ needs, but it certainly shouldn’t end after the development and implementation of your strategy.

The market doesn’t stand still, and neither should you. By measuring the performance of your digital marketing activity you’ll be able to flex your strategy – do more of what works, change or drop what doesn’t.

The beauty of digital is the ability to continually test, measure, learn and improve. There is a raft of tools and services that give you a rapid, often real-time view of how your campaigns are performing. We can help you put together the right toolkit to give you the feedback loop needed for continual success.

An added bonus is the capability to target audiences, often in an extremely granular manner, allowing you to deliver highly personalised messages to distinct groups. This invariably leads to higher engagement and conversion and also means less wastage of your precious budget.

So, whatever your mix of paid digital media, SEO and/or social media activity, we can assist.

In summary, we appreciate that every company’s requirements are different and that sometimes it feels like a mountain to climb when defining, implementing and measuring a digital strategy, so why not book a chat to see how we could help you?


Skilled, experienced, qualified

Skilled, Experienced, Qualified

Great Rates. Flexible, Affordable, Fixed fee or Retainer

Great Rates. Flexible, Affordable, Fixed fee or Retainer

Large Network of Professional Contacts

Large Network of Professional Contacts

Friendly and Approachable Way of Working

Friendly & Approachable Way of Working


Reynard have been instrumental in reinvigorating our digital activity. Our SEO, content and social media strategies are now on a different level."
Daniel Aldworth - Partner, Griffin Chapman
John has been superb at managing our social media presence - driving awareness of the event, increasing registrations and adding real value to the conversations we have across our social platforms."
Luke Wastell - Race Director, Griffin Chapman Colchester Half Marathon

John gave invaluable consultancy at the outset of our online activity - really actionable advice that is delivering tangible results. In addition he has been instrumental in helping me to expand my business network in the local area."
Kerry Ramsay - Founder, Get it Done Colchester

John delivered from day one. Our social presence and awareness levels are at an all time high, which is imperative for attracting new members and informing & entertaining our existing members."
John Cass - Chairman, Colchester Colne Round Table
As a new business startup, I needed a partner to guide me through the digital marketing and local SEO minefield. Reynard have been there for me every step of the way and we’re thriving as a result."
Madeleine Ward - Founder, Maddie’s Companion Care

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